Monday, August 1, 2011

WNBA Coverage

One of the benefits to the NBA lockout is that the ladies are getting some shine. NBA TV is doing in depth interviews and features, usually reserved for the men, on the women.

On another note, Lindsay Whalen and her game winning 1-2 dribble pull up over the SA Silver Stars yesterday highlighted why this is the most important shot for perimeter layers in basketball. Whalen DID NOT need a screen or designed play to execute the huge jumper. She caught the ball on a reversal pass from Maya Moore. Whalen then swept baseline(using a legal cross step move that would have been called a travel in high school) and hit the 1-2 pull up over the out stretched hands of Jayne Appel. The 5"9 Whalen planted her inside leg and pounded her last dribble and took to the air. Whalen elevated over the 6"4 arm of Appel and nailed the game winner. This is a common shot at the WNBA and college levels. This shot is seen increasingly on the elite club circuit. However, the SA area kids(in large numbers) have yet to start to develop this most important skill. Hopefully this changes soon!