Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some July Truths!

I love July! Basketball players, parents, trainers and coaches get a dose of truth serum in July.

Here are some probable truths in the July recruiting period:

-If your trainer claims that you are D1 and the next great thing but you do not have any college interest, it might be time to find a new trainer or work smarter and harder. College coaches livelihoods depend on finding and recognizing talent. If you are playing in front of them and they are not recognizing you, it is for a reason(s).

-If you aspire to play in college and your club team fails to play in front of college coaches, you might want to find a new club team.

-If your parents are constantly coaching from the sideline and according to them, your club coach is a nitwit, it is time for daddy/mommy to start their own club team. Especially since they have surely played and know the game like the back of their hand.

-Club coaches, if you have been playing in front of schools for years and still have no serious interest in your players from colleges, that MAY be an indication that you are not coaching(developing) college players.

-Parents, if your daughter was overlooked by all-district, all-city, all-newspaper, and all-region teams by biased high school coaches with personal agendas, don't fret. If your child is getting love from college coaches, July is your all-star team notification. The accolades that truly matter come in form of financial assistance to universities/colleges.

- Players, instead of hating the accomplishments of club teammates that are getting attention from college recruiters, use that energy to focus on getting better and attracting the attention from those same coaches. Here is a great acronym for haters given by a local club player: H.A.T.E.R.S. = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

-Players, if a club coach is not playing you in front of scouts, they may be protecting you from yourselves. A Big that is not rebounding, a shooter that is not making shots, a point guard that is constantly turning the ball over and a scorer that can not find the bottom of the basket, all can hurt themselves in the eyes of recruiters. Your club coach may not be behaving as a jerk by keeping you on the pine.