Wednesday, August 10, 2011

San Antonio Rankings! 2013

1) Chamaya Turner( Canyon/Sophia Young Eite)

- The most dominate player in the class. Turner is guard with a power forwards body and great vision. Passing ability is incredible. Finishes in paint as well as any in the city but imposes her will on defenders. She is a bully with the ball in the mode of Erica Donovan. Terrific athlete with Olympic potential in track. At least one D1 offer.

2) Brooke Allemand(Champion/SA Finest)

- The best shooter in the city finished first in the state of Texas in 3 point makes last season. As a freshman, led the city in 3 point percentage. She has improved her handle enough to routinely yank defenders. A former gymnast, her quickness makes her tough to stay in front of for defenders. Great mid-range runner and pull up jumper. Shoots the 12-15 footer like a boy. ESPN Hoopgurlz Top 100 player. D1 offers at 5'5 is impressive.

3) Destiny Amezquita( Jay/Lady Mustangs)

- Before the knee injury, the best in the city for 2013. If she recovers fully, Amezquita is arguably as dominant as ANY player in the city on the high school level. She has incredible strength at the guard position and has volleyball line range on her jumper. Tight handle and good passer. Another bully with the ball. Plays with chip on her shoulder and takes a backseat to no one.

4) Leslie Vorpahl (Churchill/SA Heat)

- The best floor general in the class of 2013 and probably the purest point guard in the city. Incredible basketball IQ. Understands how to change pace as well as any in the city. Never panics vs traps or pressure. She passes to areas of success for her teammates. Plays passing lanes well on defense and does a great job on anticipating by reading opposing players eyes and shoulders.

5) Moriah Mack(Reagan/Sophia Young Elite)

- Huge upside still! Incredible athlete with hops to spare. Arguably the best on-ball defender in city. A surefire defensive stopper at the next level. First step is almost unfair. Improved her handle and jumper this past summer to become one of the city's elite.

6) Aleeya Harris(John Jay/South Texas Hoyas)

- The most upside in 2013. At 6"1 Built strong enough to rebound and guard post players but quick enough to guard the wings at the next level. Aggressive shot blocker with good timing. Improved handle allows her to face up and attack bigger defenders. When she figures out that she can be great, watch out!

7) Brianna Jones( Madison/SA Finest)

- The most improved player in the city for 2013. At 5"11, another kid that can guard post players and guards. Wiry strong with a solid handle. She has clean 17 foot jumper. Can increasingly hit the 3 ball off of the catch. Plays out of position in HS. Really helped herself this summer by playing well vs. top rated wings around the nation.

8) Jackie Anderson(Antonian/SA Finest)

- Big guard at 5"9 with strong build and handle to match. Wing span of a 6 footer which causes havoc on defense. Great first step off the dead ball. Nasty jab step that leads to paint touches often. Mid range runner is a great weapon. Can rebound and push tempo extremely well.

9) Elexus Allen(Stevens/SA Comets-Leonard)

- 6"0 and arms that go on forever. Another upside kid. Terrific athlete and great defender. Used as a lock down kid for her high school and club programs. A nightmare at the top of a trapping zone press. Track star fast. Improving offensive skill set.

10) Alyssa Crockett(Brennan/TeamXpress)

- Gritty point guard with a great motor. Plays with chip on her shoulder. She is constantly on the attack and lives in the paint. One of the few guards who gets to the free throw line more often than physical bigs.