Saturday, September 24, 2011

Erica Hernandez Commits!

The South Texas Hoyas have two of the best young teams in state of Texas. One of the first things you notice when watching the little Hoyas is the prevalence of young Latinas wearing a ponytail on the side of their heads. The reason why is simple; Erica Hernandez wears her hair the same way.

Hernandez reportedly committed to Southeastern Louisiana today on her official visit. The road to her Division 1 commitment has been a long one.

The first time I saw Hernandez was in a Georgetown tournament when she was in the 7th grade. Even then, Hernandez was torching the nets and scoring almost at will. Hernandez has a knack for inspiring others. In that Central Texas gym five years ago, the middle school scoring machine walked up to a 10 year old and said, " You are gonna be good, you remind me of Diana Taurasi". The 10 year old smile lit up the gym and she remembers that encounter with Hernandez to this day. Hernandez status is almost legendary in Floresville as she inspires the future Erica Hernandez's to achieve.

Hernandez was a Top 5 scorer in the area last season and has to be considered one of the favorites to lead the city in scoring this season.

Congrats Erica!