Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Antonio basketball thru Hip Hop!

The following blog is an attempt to describe the style of play of SOME of our city's best player in comparison to hip hop stars. In no way should ANY negativity involving the hip hop artists mentioned be associated with the comparisons to the players. The game of basketball can be as artistic as the many styles of hip hop and the comparisons are for that reason only.

McKenzie Calvet ( T.I.)
Calverts game resembles the self proclaimed King of the South. Skilled and confident galore. Started off independent with her fathers club team but was wooed by a major(DFW Washington's) like T.I.(Def Jam). Calvert was the great young rapper named Tip, tons of potential, when she starred for her fathers Jaguar team. Her game then matured to become a true combo guard with her DFW Washington team that features some of the best players in the nation. Like T.I did with Def Jam, Calvert moved to a new plateau with DFW Washington.

Kyra Lambert (Ludacris)
Game is smooth but can be explosive too. Basketball IQ resembles the marketing savvy of Luda. Also is versatile enough to play both guard positions like Ludacris acting, rhyming and running a a highly successful biz. Like Luda has an impressive Vocabulary, Lambert is skilled and clever with her handle and ability to attack the defense. Luda has the knack for making hits, whether streets anthem or radio hits. Lambert also has this gift as she can run sets(radio) or play a run and gun style(street).

Brooke Allemand (Kanye West)
Game and persona is confidence personified. Kanye started off as a supreme beat maker like Allemand did as a shooter. Now Kanye can rhyme with best best of them like Allemand can play the point and score with our city's best.The Louie Viton Don carries himself with an aura that Allemand plays the game of basketball with. She can have a bad game like Kanye's last album(808's and Heartbreak) and still the brilliance is evident. Like Kanye, she is comfortable stepping outside the box and playing with flare.

Sabrina Berry (Rick Ross)
Uugghh! Whatever the sound that Rick Ross, The Boss, makes is the sound off Berry's game. She is powerful. Strong in her game like Rick Ross in his delivery. She is an Alpha like Ross is the Boss. Plays for an independent in the summer in the well respected Austin Elite like Ross has his own label that garners great revenue and success. Her boldness and aggressive attacking style is Rick Ross-like with his dominant beard, imposing frame and straight forward delivery.

Amber Ramirez (Jadakiss)
Like Kiss, "Jelly" Ramirez takes a back seat to NO ONE in a lyrical(scoring) stand point. Like Kiss, Ramirez has been the anointed one for awhile. Ramirez will lead the city in scoring for at least two years and chase Meaghan Simmons scoring record with a passion! Like Kiss is one of the rawest lyricist in the game, Ramirez is one the purest scorers that San Antonio will ever see. The way she disables defenders is like the raspy and potent punch lines of Kiss at his best.

Destiny Amezquita(50 Cent)
Like 50 Cent accomplished with the mixtape circuit , Amezquita put in the work on the SA scene for many years. Her local respect is almost legendary. I can confidently say that no one has scored more points and won more games IN San Antonio leagues, events and club tournaments over the last 5 years than Amezquita. Like 50, she can get grimy and tough but also has a smooth game that resembles 50 Cents' 2001 flow.

Recee' Caldwell(Drake)
Drake lyrical content, song writing skills and hit making ability mirrors Caldwell's game. She is versatile, smooth and possesses the raw skill of a Drake track. She can carry a team like Drake when he is solo but truly thrives in a setting where she can enhance a song(game) like Drake does when he provides a song hook and a 16 bar verse on a feature. Drake can rhyme with a juggernaut like Lil Wayne, Caldwell skill set and killer instinct allows her to show and prove against any "Lil Wayne" in the nation. Like Drake, she is a great ghost writer that prefers to play in the back ground and enable others to shine.