Monday, September 5, 2011

Missing Len'Nique!

With San Antonio basketball gaining national prominence, the good has be accompanied by the bad. This blog is partly to blame. The basketball community has championed our brightest your players as future greats. We have celebrated these young ladies for their dedication and perseverance. Club coaches, trainers, websites, columnists and such have praised these young players. The results of this celebration of our youth has led to some parents and kids to think that they are better than they truly are. Simply put, "Daddy, your daughter does not walk on water"!

All this "big timing" by these young girls and their parents begs for more Len'Nique Brown's. Nique was the most humble but self confident kid in the city's recent history. Nique played like she was a great player but NEVER exuded cocky defiance. She was soft spoken and a consummate good sport. She encouraged others! So many young players drew inspiration from Nique because she always had a kind word and took time to be approachable. You never saw Nique get technical fouls, trash talk, beat on her chest and openly defy her coach(es).

Nique's humble nature is turning out to be the exception instead of the rule. How unfortunate that is to a city that still has a long way to go to truly be considered a hot bed of talent in regards to girls basketball. Girl's basketball in San Antonio is "feeling itself" a little too much. What the GOD-fearing Len'Niue Brown realized was that, the ONE who did walk on water believed the greatest among us should be a servant to others. Instead of more great servants, we are creating overrated roosters; strutting, cackling, and inadvertently begging for a slice of humble pie.