Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football Tips!

Watching the precision of the Steele offense against Southwest tonight, I noticed some quick similarities to elite basketball players.

QB- A good quarterback throws to areas and leads his receiver to success. A good point guard leads her teammates with passes that also enables success. Passing to Bigs at half court vs aggressive traps is setting them up for failure. Like a good QB, a good PG will give a "catch and shoot" shooter a pass that flows into her shot. While a QB may throw a few jump balls , the elite QB's throw passes that allow for yards after a catch, the same way a good PG will make passes that lead to easy scores.

Offensive Linemen- Contact is a good thing. When training young girls to play in the post, it can be difficult to teach them that sealing a defender and holding that seal is advantageous. A lot of kids want to play what I call "hide and seek". They make a basket cut and try to run away from defenders. This allows defenders to shoot the gaps and intercept late passes. Instead of cutting and running away, good cutters and post players seal opposing defenders by initiating contact. In football, offensive linemen understand that contact is the only way for them to do their job successfully.

Running Backs- A good running back plays low and changes direction by planting their outside foot. A good slashing basketball player has a tight enough handle to NOT let the ball hinder their change of direction or pace. Playing low and planting the outside foot allows for north south plays. Like a good running back, a good slasher constantly reads the 'secondary" by having her eyes up and ability to beat more than one defender.