Friday, September 2, 2011

Unaffiliated with Hoop Scoop

After fielding several inquires into "my" new site, I must clarify that ShesBallin is unaffiliated with River City Hoop Scoop. The River City site is a good thing for San Antonio basketball as it continues to do what this site has done, shine light on local kids, clubs, coaches and high schools.

However, The River City Hoop Scoop is in essence a ranking entity and this site is not. This site has ranked players since 2008 with great accuracy when analyzed against results. The intent of this site has not changed since its inception.

This site has helped put the shine on some great local kids that were not receiving ANY national love. For instance, when Baylor commit McKenzie Calvert announced her commitment, this site was the ONLY online entity that had mentioned and wrote about Calvert up until that point.

While ShesBallin will continue to do a once a year rankings for the city, rankings will not be the main content. Observers have assumed that ShesBallin was affiliated with River City Hoop Scoop because of the obvious similarities with rankings and verbiage. But the similarities are necessary since the game, is the game. The best players will stand out. Any political agendas and or favoritism will damage future credibility of either site.