Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ashley Jordan, Best defender in the city?

I was very wrong. I admit it. I thought that Reagan had a shot at making Madison sweat out a district title. I should have known better. All-State picks, CeCe Harper and Monica Engleman, showed everyone thinking the same thing, that we are sadly mistaken. But, the MVP of Madison's victory over Reagan last Friday, may have been their fellow Lady Rohawk, Ashley Jordan.

Jordan is a 5'9 defensive nightmare. Jordan finished with 13 points, but her biggest contributions were on the boards and on the defensive end. Jordan gave Reagan and their All-City post player, Jessica Kuster, more than they could handle. Jordan was everywhere. She denied passing lanes, grabbed acrobatic rebounds, blocked and changed shots, stopped dribble penetration and was a major thorn in the Rattlers' backside.

In the span of two weeks, I have have now seen Jordan shut down one of the best guards and neutralize one of the best post players in the city. Is she the best defensive player in San Antonio? The jury is still out but she is making a strong case for that title.