Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Elite mom gives Thanks and a Good Report

Marshall standout, Courtney Peay's mother sent this to share. I hope that it is as encouraging to others as it is to me.

Just to give you some insight on how Nyack College recruited Courtney. First, to understand the Peay family a little bit more, we are a family that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, whom is our personal savior. To know Courtney, she does not have a problem letting people know that. While playing with TeamXpress, we contributed to the TeamXpress Media guide in which we all know went to over 600 + Colleges & Universities. Nyack College sought out Courtney from the Media guide due to her faith in the Lord. Coach Josh Thompson phone me to let me know that Courtney would fit his program & was the kind of person/player he was seeking. At this point he had never seen her play. Nyack College is a DII college & as all players they want DI schools. Several DI schools were interested but her height played major role that was not in her favor at 5'11, being a Center..... Nevertheless, God had a different plan. Courtney had prayed for a school that met her spiritual needs as well as the ability to continue to play ball. Well, Nyack never backed down she finally realized that what she prayed for was staring her in the face. She went on an official visit in October & loved the campus, the players on the team & it was an hour away from where her father lives. Needless to say this College is a Christian College that is also a Seminary graduate school. Courtney made a decision to follow her Christian walk & was offered the scholarship that would get her the education/college basketball team she prayed on having. I am proud of her focus in the Lord & believing the Power of Prayer.

I Thank God for his covering on her from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. God Is good All the time & all the time God Is good.

Be Blessed,
Leah J Peay, A very Proud Mom