Thursday, December 4, 2008

Comacho's Crew at it again!

Wagner Coach, Tina Comacho is widely regarded as one of the better coaches in San Antonio, but many people would not have picked her T-Birds as the best team in the city. Comacho lost two Division 1 caliber post players in Breanna Brock and Amber Roberson from last years state Semi-finalist team. The T-Birds showed that they still are the team to beat in the NEISD tournament by earning a close victory over the Madison. The previously #1 ranked Mavs, were missing All-State performer, CeCe Harper and nearly squeaked out a win on Saturday at Littleton. The rematch took place on Tuesday and Harper returned to the line-up. The effects of the severely sprained ankle was still evident but Wagner beat the Mavs for the second time in three days to erase any doubt who was the best team in the city. Comacho is showing why she is widely considered a very good coach. She has adjusted her offense from featuring last years 6'2 post players to this years line up that uses four guards at times. It also helps that she coaches LenNique Brown.

Brown put on a show this past weekend. I am always reminded of Chris Paul when watching her play as she uses a change of speed as well as any player in the city. No one in the city uses the retreat dribble to set up defenders better than Brown. I heard a coach describing Brown's set-up as a "fisherman reeling in her prey ". Brown has a complete command of her dribble. She puts the ball out in front of defenders and almost dares them to bite. Playing against her will teach defensive principles better than any drill. If a defender watches the ball and gambles, goodbye! If the defender stands up when Brown retreats, see ya! If the defensive player does not breakdown on an aggressive close-out, "got 'em coach"! Never mind that she passes very well off of the dribble and never dribbles with her head down. It should come to no ones surprise that she already has numerous scholarship offers and is garnering attention from a Big East power. I personally spotted a small Division 1 coach drooling over her this weekend when she floored an opposing point guard. This poor defender had not been taught how to slide her feet correctly and sit down in her defensive stance. Brown came at her full speed in one direction only to stop on a dime and hit her with a cross over that would have made Tim Hardaway smile. The sweet defender crashed to the floor while grabbing her newly tattooed ankle. The crowd was buzzing as the quiet and diminutive Brown just smiled at her YouTube worthy feat. I have said it before and will do so again, LenNique Brown is the most slept-on kid in the city.

More NEISD tourney notes:

-Michelle Rodriguez can shoot with anybody in the city. She consistently hit bombs for the T-Birds and earned all-tourney honors. A solid source indicated that Rodriguez has received an offer from UTA.

-The second most slept-on kid in the city, Liz Boyd had a very good tournament but found out that Monica Engleman can defend. The bigger, faster and stronger Engleman gave Boyd a lot of problems in the Mavs double digit win over Antonian. The Mavs smothered Boyd with great help whenever she was able to beat the first line of defense.

-Speaking of Engleman, she scored at will for the entire tournament. She did it all. Inside, outside and facilitated the offense in CeCe Harper's absence. Engleman had to shoot at least 60% for the entire event.

- The O'Connor guards can play. Arlene Cisneros and Tina Chapa are allowed to go and it causes match up problems for opposing teams.

- Madisons, Ashley Krump had a huge tournament, including one game where she had 27 points and at least 20 rebounds.