Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cassie Peoples commits to Texas

San Antonio prodigy, Cassie Peoples reportedly committed to the Texas Longhorns. Peoples currently lives in Houston and plays for defending 5A State champs, Cy-Fair.

When arriving to San Antonio, I immediately was inundated with the Legend of Cassie Peoples. The story goes that she routinely scored 40 points in middle school games. One coach told me of how the SA Silver Stars players would visit her small private school gym to watch her put on a show. Others tell of her beating grown men in one on one games at the tender age of 13 years old. I was informed of her fathers rigorous training sessions and her shooting regiment. In short, Cassie was THE GOODS!

I was already familiar with the name of Cassie Peoples before moving to San Antonio. The Adidas Phenom Camp is a big deal in some basketball circles on the West Coast. When I decided to make San Antonio home, I googled San Antonio girl's basketball and eventually found the Phenom Report listing Cassie as the #2 Ranked player in the camp for 2011. Coincidentally, I knew a couple of the parents of some girls who attended the camp and who's daughters had played with Cassie. These fathers mirrored the sentiments that I would hear repeatedly upon my arrival to SA; The kid can shoot the lights out!

( Some wonder the validity of these Phenom camps and Ranking kids at such an early age. I will not give my opinion but will point out a couple of things. This report ranks Chloe Wells as the best player in the class of 2010. I watched Chloe grow up and lead her AB Miller High School team to a California State Championship as a Freshman. She is a very good player and plays summer ball with Adidas stalwart, FBC. Wells has had scholarship offers since the 8th grade. But note, the #5 entry on the list,Odyssey Simms, is currently the #2 ranked guard in her class and arguably the best. The word from camp attendees was that Simms should have been the #1 ranked player, but politics played a part in the rankings. John Wells, Chloe's father, is a West Coast power and his BTR club won AAU Nationals repeatedly...... Also, please note Chelsea Gray was ranked low as #23 on the list. Gray is currently the #4 ranked point guard in the Nation for 2010..... Also, note Kelly Gramlich at #9 for 2011. Austin Anderson's Gramlich is one of the 3 point leaders in the State of Texas)

I have yet to see Cassie Peoples in person, but was delighted to find a YouTube video of her. For those who are familiar with Elite Club Ball, you will notice that she is playing perennial national power, Boo Williams Select, in one of the clips. Her jumper has incredible arc and leaves the screen only to splash the net on the way down. She moved from San Antonio to Florida and now resides in Houston. She recently went head-to-head with SA Madison star, CeCe Harper in the Pasadena Tournament. The video of the clash is apparently floating around the city and will be posted here soon.

It is good to know that another San Antonio kid has accomplished one of her many goals and will eventually play for the Longhorns. I can not wait to see the young legend for myself, and add to her list of growing stories to tell.