Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coach G X-mas Shopping in San Antonio for Guards

The recent Wagner vs Steele game brought an increased excitement to the San Antonio Girl's Basketball scene. The much anticipated match up of two of the top teams in the city turned into a one sided affair. Wagner is proving to be too deep for most teams in the city.

The T-Birds have very strong guard play and really turn up the heat defensively. Arielle Robeson is really becoming a force down on the blocks. The sophomore post player was an All-Tournament Selection in the Lone Star Invitational, and has kept up her solid post play. Kira Chester and Chelsea Solis are playing well in the absence of sharp shooter Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez is out with a hurt ankle, but the T-Birds have yet to skip a beat.

The main reason for the continuous heartbeat of the T-Birds is the play of LenNique Brown. Brown is making a claim as one of the premier guards in the NATION. The extended conversation between UT coach, Gail Goestenkors, and Wagner coach, Tina Camacho, at Friday's game should tell all in attendance what the Longhorn leader feels about Brown. Word has it that Brown has just picked up the interest of another Top 10 Program, and a very special visitor will be attending her game on Tuesday. This special visitor is at the Summit of her profession.

Coach G was undoubtedly in attendance to also get a peek at Meighan Simmons. The #1 ranked shooting guard in the nation for 2010 wowed the crowd with spin moves, step-back jumpers and explosive finishes at the rim. However, Simmons is getting little help. For whatever reasons, Steele's starting point guard,Olivia Patterson ,was not with the team. Steele's guards had trouble initiating the offense and handling Wagner's pressure. Rumor has it, that Coach G has already offered Simmons a full ride to UT. I wonder if Coach G had visions of how nice it would be to get the TeamXpress teammates, Simmons and Brown, in the Burnt Orange back court.

Coach G's Christmas List?

  • Beat Tennesee
  • Meighan Simmons
  • LenNique Brown
  • Simmons and Brown!!!!!!

(Coach G posing with future San Antonio basketball stars above)