Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A couple responses

A local club coach sent this in response to the Mike Flynn blog:

Reading Mike Flynn's blog made me remember something interesting that happened this past April during our AAU season. When he spoke about one of the main reasons AAU was changing was due to the college coaches wants (one of the main ones being...they just want to see kids play,no drills),it reminded me of a discussion I had with 3 different coaches at an April exposure event. I had at least 6 of my girls in a Skills Camp which was held within the tournament and they ran almost 4 hours worth of drills followed by an hour of games. At the beginning of the drills section, I was speaking to a colleague and said "Wow,there aren't ANY college coaches here watching, what a waste!" Well, later on I spoke with a couple of college coaches and voiced my concern. One coach simply said "Are you kidding,we went to lunch,we didn't want to see FOUR HOURS worth of drills,WE WANT TO SEE THEM PLAY, that's the only reason we came back!" I just laughed, but at same time thought, "well dang, what is the camp for then?" My girls spent their money to get in it,with the assumption that they were going to be showcasing their talents in front of a bunch of scouts because we thought that's what they'd want to see. Instead they were seen by no one. I guess Mike Flynn hit the nail on the head with that one, just wish I would've known sooner!

Here is another response to the blog about 40 complaints. I must reiterate that I wrote no portion of the 40 complaints. I just copied and pasted them from a popular message board. The following line was sent to me by a general manager of a successful local club:

"Complaining is all relative. A parent complaining about something regarding their relative." (child)