Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall League notes and Area Happenings!

Some quick notes from the fall league and city-wide follows:

  • I was out of my mind to rank Arielle Roberson as the 11th best player in the city. In my defense, I did so because I have yet to see her be Batman(Batgirl). She has been a great Robin and has always had the luxury of playing with the best pure point guard in the city, LenNique Brown. Every player that I ranked ahead of her has had to face constant double and triple teams at the high school level. However, even at the time of the rankings, I noted that #11 is too low. The fact is that she is a Top 5 player in this city NOW! It can be argued that she is the best player in the class of 2011. Sune Agbuke and Erica Donovan are legit, but are the better than Roberson? Debatable! But probably not! Word is that NC State was on campus yesterday to visit the long athletic junior from Wagner. I could not help but to think of Roberson as I watched the Mercury eliminate the Silver Stars Monday night. Roberson reminds me of a smaller Dewanna Bonner.

  • I finally had the opportunity to see Leslie Vorphal. Even though it was a fall league game, her skill is set still evident. She is savvy beyond her years. One of the better on-ball defenders in the city, Hillary Lumpkin, was guarding her and Vorphal held her own. Lumpkin is a nasty defender with quick feet and grabbing hands. Vorphal did not dominate but showed glimpses of her extremely bright future.

  • Marquisha Sparks has apparently used the summer to get better. Imagine that! A player who developed her individual skill set in the summer. Who would've thunk it? While she plays in the post area for MacArthur in the past, the 5'6 super strong guard enhanced her skills on the perimeter this summer with the SA Heat. She looks good! Sparks is due for a huge year!

  • MacArthur will be a Top 10 team in the city this year. Depending on how well Victoria Willems, Karissa Cantu,Nicole Kindred, Sparks and company gel with their new coach, they should challenge Reagan for the top spot in district. Watch out for Roosevelt too. MacArthur, Reagan and Roosevelt probably would want all of us to not count out Madison and CeCe Harper. The last time I predicted that Harper could not do something, she put on a show that people are still talking about. I heard that the tape of that game is floating around, can someone please give me a copy?

  • Camacho's crew is still the team to beat. The poll on this site confirmed what most people know, Wagner is the most respected team in the city. Why? How about a successful coach that saw her fall league starting five go with: LenNique Brown, Arielle Roberson, Michelle Rodriguez, Chelsea Solis and Ebony Watkins. Now, that is two of the Top 10 players in the city(probably Top 5) in Brown and Roberson. One of the best shooters in the city and four time letter winner, Rodriguez. One of the most exciting players in Solis and one of the most gifted kids in town in Watkins. I have said this before and I will say it again, with Ebony Watkins, Wagner would have beaten Pflugerville last season in the playoffs. They were one athletic body away from a state trip. Oh yeah, I have yet to mention the head strong and emotional leader of the Thunderbirds, Ashley Catlett, who is back from knee surgery. However, Jay and Steele may have something to say about the best team in the city when all the fun begins.

  • Boerne Champion looked good and will be tough again this year. The Dribble Drive Offense is going to be problematic for most teams this year. The Chargers return All-District performers Hillary Lumpkin and Paige Grandjean. The Chargers have added the 5'3 spark plug, Brooke Allemand. The kid can play! The encouraging thing about the leadership of this team is the way Lumpkin and Grandjean have behaved. Both seniors have reportedly taken the young pups(Allemand and Heather Hormuth) under their wings and helped acclimate them to high school. Instead of hazing and ostracizing the rookies, Lumpkin and Grandjean have reportedly been spotted around town with the youngsters in tow. The babes probably have to pay for the smoothies but the that should be expected.

  • TeamXpress is reportedly playing in Frisco during the Fall Exposure period. However, they will be without the #12 ranked player in the nation, Kyrstal Forthan, who is reportedly playing with Georgetown in the same event. Word has it that TeamXpress founder, Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil may coach both Georgetown and her club team in the same event. Hopefully we will get the chance to see them lock up with US Elite 2013(also in Frisco) again. The last game ended in a four point win for TeamXpress but was worth the price of admission!

  • Speaking of TeamXpress, they are are it again! IF they can keep their underclassmen for next year, they will be scary good. Oregon's Kyrstal Forthan(6'4), Arielle Roberson(6'2), Erica Donovan(5'11), California's Kendall Cooper(6'3 freshman) and Danielle Blagg(6'0), will be a handful to say the least. If Davis-Wrightsil is able to recruit some of the California guards from the same club(GBL, 2005 & 2008 AAU National Champions) that she got Cooper from, this is potentially a Top 15 team in the country. Davis-Wrightsil already has flown in an End of the Trail all-tournament selection, GBL's Chyanne Butler(2014) for an event. Another potential 2014 phenom that may be an option is GBL's Jordin Canada. The 2014 guard is already getting attention from major universities and UCLA is reportedly in love with her. I have seen Canada dominate older girls since she was 9 years old and is HANDS DOWN one of the best 2014's in the nation. A couple of these Cali guards could put TeamXpress in a position to challenge DFW(Moriah Jefferson, Alexis Jones) and Nike Cy-Fair Shock(Cassie Peoples, Alexia Standish) for state supremacy.

  • TeamXpress and Sam Houston guard KiKi Ageous is reportedly headed to Arizona. KiKi will shine in the Pac-10. This may be a great FIT!

  • Ashley Perez(TeamXpress and Lytle) is reportedly taking an official visit to Arkansas St.

  • Asha Finch( ST Hoyas and Roosevelt) has had a little company these past few days. UTA and Rice have reportedly visited campus to see the athletic wing participate in P.E.

  • Clemons guard Brandie Hurd can play! Hurd has a decent handle and can hit the open shot. I have seen her in the summer and saw some good things, but Sunday showed me that she has extended her stroke to become a consistent threat from deep.