Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great response to Clarkson blog!

A local Club Director sent the following response to the Right Fit for Clakson Blog:

Good article on Clarkson kid. But whatever happened to picking a school because it is an awesome place to get an education. I much rather my child be influenced by an All American kid that is smart enough to own the McDonalds from where they are from, than a McDonald's All American any day. With that said, being a McDonald's All American is a great and noteworthy accomplishment. However in the end when school is done, a cup coffee for both kids still costs around $1.50 at any Mickey D's. It might be a good thing for parents to start concentrating on how their kid is going to eventually earn the $1.50 to enjoy that cup of coffee in the first place, or even more if they have Starbucks taste.

Your other points about getting to play a lot in college are well made. Here is another reason why a female basketball player might be interested in getting as many game minutes as possible. Unlike males, a female is usually going to stop playing ball at whatever level they plateau at. You can go to any health club in town that has a basketball court. If you see a female there practicing, it is almost always someone who is working to get better for a team, whether it be middle school, high school, or college. Rarely do you see thirty and forty year old women standing around a gym waiting to get into a pickup game. Guys will enjoy the game till their joints just don't work anymore. Luckily for most of us, that is a long time after college ends, even if we were not fortunate enough to get to play at that level. If that is the case, and you are a female basketball player, wouldn't you want to also pick a school that you are going get to play a lot at. Since once you graduate, chances are, for whatever reason you are going to be doing other things than getting to play the game you once loved. Of course you can always turn to coaching. Even if that works out, talking about making that game winning shot in college to your future players, would probably be a lot more fun than discussing when I rode the bench at the University of Wherever, I sure wished I was playing more.