Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hoopgurlz on FIT!

ESPN Hoopgurlz columnist, Mark Lewis, wrote a great article on the importance of fit. This article has great timing since as many as a dozen San Antonio girls are currently contemplating their college basketball choices. I wrote a recent blog about fit and it became a pretty debated topic. I am happy that the former college coach and respected columnist, Lewis, was able to find time to touch on some of the same issues I expressed. While I tackled issues of fit in regards to finding the right club, Lewis advises prospects about choosing the right fit for college. He writes:

"Each year as I sit court side, I think about how important an athlete's choice of program is to her ultimate success at the college level. There are an elite few prospects every year who will be impact players and have success no matter what program they choose. And then there will be those who forget that fit has many different components and choose a place that seems to be ideal but ultimately just isn't right.