Monday, September 28, 2009

Head Of The Class!

R.V. Baugus Texpreps Basketball annual addition is out and some local kids have been recognized as being among the TOP 50 ball players in the state. They follow:

Meaghan Simmons- First Team
CeCe Harper- Fourth Team
Jesica Kuster- Fifth Team
LenNique Brown- Sixth Team
Sune Agbuke- Tenth Team
and San Antonio bred
Cassie Peoples- Second Team

The magazine features a small article on Simmons. The cover of the magazine includes the sub-title Terrific Trio, featuring Chiney Ogwumike and Odyssey Sims.

John Jay is ranked #6 in 5A in the preseason poll in the state.
Cibolo Steele is ranked #5 in 4A in the preseason poll in the state.