Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Secrets!

College coaches visiting the town is terrific for San Antonio. However, it puts us on notice in many ways. In a convo with a college coach yesterday, I had to bite my tongue, literally!

A college coach had just visited a couple of high schools. The coach was almost hostile about the high school workouts they witnessed. The coach was appalled at the lack of intensity and quality instruction from the workout. He/she compared other Texas areas to the local high school programs, not favorably. The coach was disappointed in the lack of teaching, discipline, strength training and apparent politics.

I am familiar with this coach's complaints. I had a Division 1 coach tell me last year that after visiting a local school practice, it was the worst 5A workout she/he had ever witnessed. Thank goodness that the coach in question is no longer around. However, yesterday's complaints angered me. The truth hurt!

A mother and father can stay up all night complaining to each other that their kids are "bad". They can discuss how badly their offspring is behaving. It is a Family thing. The problem becomes exacerbated when the neighbor knocks on the door and states the obvious. Little Joe or Suzy is rotten, bad little heathens! Now it is time for dad and mom to unify and tell the neighbor to watch their mouth. "Do not talk about our kids." Only we can talk about our kids!

Well, college coaches are talking about "our kids". The secret is out that some high school coaches are hobbyist and the players under their tutelage are suffering because of it.

This off season, plenty of high school coaches moved around the city in search for better opportunities. Winning programs like Floresville, Brandeis and Brennan lost coaches who searched for greener pastures. For the sake of our kids, let's hope that hungry and capable high school coaches start to change the city in their favor. The other kind of high school coach has college coaches bad mouthing our babies! Putting our dirty laundry out in public! Telling the truth that most of the time, bad babies come from bad parents!