Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You are important! What's your name again?!

At this time of the year, flattery is in season. What many may not know and fully comprehend is that during the recruitment process, compliments are seasonal! Here is a great story relayed to me by a father of an elite prospect and club coach/director.

This gentleman coaches in one of the best areas in the country in terms of talent. His basketball club has produced multiple All-Americans and routinely sends double digit Division 1 players to schools across the country every year.

A few years ago, this coach, we will call him Smith, had a team that was more stacked that usual. He had two McDonald All-Americans on the team. Coach Smith's daughter was a member of this team and eventually landed at a mid major. His daughter is now an assistant at a BCS university but back to the story.

Coach Smith was elated to meet a particular college coach that summer. This college coach is in the Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame and should be on the Mt Rushmore of women's coaches. This college coach wanted a couple of players from Coach Smith's team very badly. He/she followed the team across the country faithfully.

During one of the frequent talks with Coach Smith, the college coach floored him with words of admiration. The esteemed college coach told Coach Smith that he " is great teacher". He/she went on to tell Coach Smith that he is a great reason why his area is thriving. He was told how "remarkable" he and his program were. Coach Smith could not feel more validated. To have a HOF college coach regard him as important and good for the game made Coach Smith feel respected! Coach Smith helped deliver both of his All-American players to the HOF coach.

Fast forward a few years. Coach Smith fell on hard times in terms of producing national caliber prospects. He still had multiple Division 1 players in his club but none that the HOF coaches were after. Coach Smith went to Final Four that year and happened to run into the HOF coach that flattered him, made him feel so special just a few years earlier. As he walked up to the college coach, hand extended, smiling like a young boy, he met a confused look. Coach Smith was greeted with the words, "I'm sorry, where do I know you from?"