Saturday, September 1, 2012

SA Exports

"Texas kids don't leave home" goes the old saying among college coaches. While the entire state proves that recruiting philosophy as out dated, San Antonio is proving to be an export city. This is just a quick recap of the SA area kids that have left the state to play D1 basketball in recent years. This is not a complete list but a snap shot of over 30 players that have decided to leave the state for college.

Christine Flores(Mizz)
Breanna Brock(Mizz)
Krystal Stirrup(Tennessee Tech)
Jasmine Malone(Mizz St)
Jessica McQuin(Tulsa)
Chanice Scott(Tulsa)
Amber Holmes(SE Mizz St)
Jessica Sommers(SELA)
Sajoiya Griffin(San Diego St)

Monica Engleman(Kansas)
Lyndsey Cloman(Oklahoma)

Olivia Patterson(Southern Illinois)
CeCe Harper(Kansas)
Stephanie Whittman(Kansas St)
LenNique Brown(USC/NC State)
Kiante Ageous(Arizona/Transferred)
Meighan Simmons(Tennessee)
Victoria Willems(William and Mary)
Ciara McLee(Jacksonville)
Chelsea McMeans(Liberty)
Genise Pressley(Long Island)

Arielle Roberson(Colorado)
Erica Donovan(NC State/Bowling Green)
Danielle Blagg(Tulane)
Alexis Govan(Western Kentucky)
Taylor Calvert(Winthrop)

Raven Reyes(SELA)
Erica Hernandez(SELA)

Brooke Allemand(New Mexico)
Leslie Vorpahl(Tulane)
Kayla White(Wichita St)
Breana Jones(Wichita St)