Monday, September 3, 2012

Mackin 101

Young Female Ballers,

In dance clubs across the country, some color coordinated dude, down to his matching Gators, is sliding up to a precious honey and whispering straight GAME into her ear.

Or, in every cafeteria in America, a fresh young playa, draped in the finest gear, new Jordans and fitted cap is making his move. Drenched in a cologne that he can not properly pronounce, he spots her and starts his SPIT.

 Here is a dumbed down version of the creative vernaculars of these playas extraordinaire.

1. You are the only girl for me.

2. I am the best man for you.

3. That other dude won't love you like me.

4. I was the first one to express my feelings for you.

5. Without me, you will not be happy as you deserve to be.

Sound Familiar?

Going through this recruiting process as a former player, club coach, and parent, I am coming to the conclusion that a lot of college coaches spit game that would make Pretty Tony and Huggy Bear proud!