Saturday, September 1, 2012

T-Bird Talent!

While viewing the out-of-state D1 kids that SA has produced recently, I was reminded that Tina Camacho and her Wagner crew are well represented. Here is a list of Wagner's D1 kids from 2008-2013. No other school comes close to this type of D1 success. (Steele is next in D1 players over the same period with 4 by my count: Meighan Simmons, Olivia Patterson, Taylor Calvert, Elena Gumbs.

Wagner D1 Players-
Breanna Brock('08)- Mizz
Sajoyia Griffin('08)- SDST
Jessica Sommers('08)- SELA
Amber Roberson('08)- Texas (Volleyball but had D1 opportunities in Basketball as well)
LenNique Brown('10)- NC State
Arielle Roberson('11)- Colorado
Eboni Watkins('11)- UTA
Michelle Rodriguez('10)- UTA
Tesha Smith('13)- Undecided