Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I felt the familiar hand pushing me on my head, interrupting my beauty sleep. I need all the beauty sleep I can get. It was Her. After a month of mandated break, she has resumed waking me up at 5am to workout. She is not waking me up to get praised, encouraged, or rewarded. She awoke the grumpy rebounder knowing to expect criticism, constant correction and unrealistic expectations to perform.

Fast forward 10 hours and to the mailbox I go to collect bills! Instead, it is HER reward. It is her reminder that her hard work is not being ignored. 43 pieces of mail. In one day! 2 Boxes, 16 large envelopes, 25 regular envelopes. Upon opening 1 box, 5 more letters were found.

This scene is repeating itself across the country. A few kids went to the mail box to collect more recognition and some not as much, but a shout out to all of the deserving young female ballers getting the proper attention they deserve.

The grumpy guy almost hates the music on the radio these days. The commercials are despised as well. It seems that music and media put an emphasis on praising the young women who do wrong. The, as the old heads say, "Fast" girls get all the love seemingly today. The dirtier a girl acts, the more popular she is. How refreshing September 1st was for so many young women. These girls have set on a positive course and believed the supposedly impossible. They are the 3% of players that will have their education paid for through their sacrifices. Good for them! Keep waking up to grind and pay the naysayers no mind! Spoken like an old head!!!