Monday, September 17, 2012

Tesha Smith elaborates on her decision!


1. Congrats on your commitment. Why did you choose UTSA?

San Antonio is my home, UTSA is 30 mins away from my family. I feel that what can be accomplished anywhere else, can be accomplished here at this school. It has fantastic educational programs and a well developed basketball program. I've learned by going through this process. I thought moving to a different area would give me a different experience, different part of the world, but by talking with the UTSA players and staff, that's not how it works. Going to college is an experience, so why move miles and miles away? 

2. UTSA was not in your Top 3 until recently, what changed?

UTSA was number 5, I'm not going to lie. I wanted UTSA to be my last choice but what I didn't realize is that I was basing my decision off of schools outside of San Antonio. I wasn't thinking about me and where I would be happy. It took long days and nights to realize what I really wanted. What most players don't know is that you are getting a scholarship for basketball. You have to be dedicated to your studies and you are not going to have time to tour your surroundings often.

3. How difficult was it to choose between so many schools?

It was really difficult for me in the beginning so I did something called the "process of elimination". I asked multiple colleges for info on their business programs (that's what I'm majoring in). If I felt their business program was not what I was looking for, I would eliminate those colleges one by one.

4. This is the second year that UTSA has gotten a top player from the city, why are local players seeing UTSA in a different light now?
Well it could be for multiple reasons. I can not speak for Niaga on why she picked UTSA, but I can say UTSA is what I'm most comfortable with. It has alot to offer education and basketball wise.

 5. Wagner has reloaded again this year, what do you expect to accomplish in your senior year?
For my senior year, all I want is a "Team" that can focus on three things, communication, dedication and team work. I have accomplished a lot in this past year. I couldn't ask for anything more.