Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nike Camp Update from Mrs Simmons!

The following is an update from Mrs. Simmons regarding her daughters participation in the prestigious Nike All American Camp. Besides touring the massive facilities built for superstars, Micheal Jordan, Bo Jackson and Tiger Woods, the camp is apparently an eye opener. The update follows:

"All is well here in Oregon. The first day was awesome. The girls were picked up and taken to the hotel to get signed in. Riding in a limo shuttle, that's something. Each girl receives all Nike gear, flip flops, basketball shoes, socks, bags uniforms etc.. Meighans' roommate is Odessey Sims.
They toured the Nike Facility and got a history of the company. All that was done and more,by 3pm. By 4pm, the training begins. I must say the trainer is very detailed, and is in good shape. Of the retired coaches here that I know by name, and assisting with evaluations, is Jodie Conradt from University of Texas. Also, one of the trainers is the commentator for the WNBA. Mr. Baker is every bit of what you see in is DVDs; hyper, intense, detailed, and committed. He had Meighan doing one on one, do what I do training. It was awesome. Its non stop, and demanding.
I will close with this, as we are about to depart for the days 1st training. He said, "You must be a bulldog about your game, be competitive during this camp, practice, this should not be fun...... there is a reason why you do things the way you do them, and lastly, save the fun for the game."
Will email you soon, Mrs. Simmons