Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update #2 from Nike Skills Academy!

The following is the second update from Mrs. Simmons:

"What can I say, It only gets better. There is a cause and effect to the mental aspect of the game called basketball. I knew that before, but I am really sure of it now. From the exercise before skills sets, the trainer insist on precision and positioning, not just doing it because she said so. She informs the girls why they are doing a particular stretch and the benefit of doing it right, and not just to be the first one done. With that alone, the girls have broke a sweat. Thirty minutes of nonstop, instructional workouts. I know some of your readers will say, "yeah we do that at our practice", and my response will be, not like this. From why you go from flat foot to your tippy toes in a drill, to why you stretch this muscle to a certain degree. Pushing them past the normal routine of just another exercise, but to be accurate in their exercise benefits their performance in the game. For sure you do not see this in a high school, AAU etc.. practice. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!

Quote of the day: (Gannon Baker)
"Effort only releases its reward if you don't quit." Wow! He does exemplify that very well. Full of sweat from the intensity he exudes, even while he is just talking to the girls. Mr. Baker made a statement I read in a blog that you wrote . He said, "Ladies you cannot allow your coach to coach you in every play, you must Read and React." I thought he must have read your blog(HA HA). It only makes the game more personal. Another coach said this afterward, "Be the best at your game everyday!" Talk about personal commitment.

Dee Brown is here also. He is just as intense as Mr. Baker, no-nonsense, pushing and instructing each of the girls he speaks with. He is sweating as well, because he is working out with them. What an example!, not just do what I say, but do what I do. These coaches are in the mix, drilling and some running with these young ladies.

No girl in the this camp is being patted. Each one or her group receives penalties for not being at peek performance. Constant, intense, movement. When they are finished I am pretty sure they are done, well spent for the time. I get exhausted just watching.

Gotta go getting ready for part two. "
Mrs. Simmons