Friday, July 3, 2009

Offense, Defense!!! Update from Nike Skills Academy

Mrs. Simmons gives the latest update from Orgeon:

"The young ladies get their evaluations today. Each will be evaluated on the following, with scoring scale of 1-4, with 1 being excellent.
1. Attitude
2. Personality
4. physical Ability
5. Shooting Ability
6. Ball Handling
7. Offensive Moves
8.Defensive Ability
10.Understanding the Game
These are just the titles, there are at least 5-7 bullets under each title of what they are looking for and their skill level.

Today's session was just as intense as the others. Today, they worked their offensive and defensive roles of form, footing, and positioning for your teammates success. That says is all. Sounds like cause and effect. What you do as an individual player effects the other members of your team. Though, each one has their own identity, Gannon Baker constantly reminds them of being individual thinkers in a game that requires teamwork. Sounds a bit contradicting, but he says, "when you stop waiting on your coaches direction for every play and every move, you will Read and React, causing you to become more responsible of your own game. I would not the many readers to get it mixed up, he is not saying don't listen to your coaches. He constantly reminds them that their individual game sets up their teammates up for success, and if they can only get it set up because a coach said so, and the coach is dictating the moves, then let the coach play. You lose your identity and role on the team. Always make yourself available for the team. Stay within your triangle set and keep good spacing. They could not state that enough.

Dee brown started the next session working on defense and transitioning. He states that guards must know at all times when there is a break of off the defense. I assumes he meant fast break opportunities. Get out and get moving. He continues that guards make the movement of the floor flow. Then you go and set things up, get your teammates where they are supposed to be. COMMUNICATE! He states and Read and React is not only for offense. He becomes intense about the defensive stance and foot movement, telling the girls there is no spacing on the defense, save that for offense. Be aggressive, let the opponent become intimidated with your every move. To play defense you must move your feet. When you are in a proper defensive stance with your hands up, and sitting down,you will cause them(offensive player) to pickup their dribble. He states" everyone wants to score but no one wants to play defense but it's the defense that sets up your offense."

Well the camp ends tomorrow with the last skill set of instruction. I hope that all the girls realize the opportunity given unto them, and understand to be at the top of their games, they must work. These are just a few things that I saw and paid real close attention too. This was by far an excellent camp and featured people who didn't mind telling these young ladies the truth so that their game can get better.

I could write more but, you would have to be here."

See ya soon,
Mrs. Simmons