Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 25 players in the City: 6-10

10. Cheyenne Berry 2010

The Lytle combo guard has arguably the best vision in the city. She is perceived as being flashy by some but the truth is that the passes she makes are advanced in skill set and will be rewarded by better athletes at the next level. She is one of the most exciting players in the city to watch and can put the ball in the basket. She is physically very strong which allows her to finish in traffic. She is also a “Nasty” player who embraces confrontation. Even though her jumper is much improved, it can continue to get stronger. She is primed to have a great senior year and positive career at the next level.

9. Kiante Ageous 2010

The D-Wade of girls’ basketball in San Antonio. The fiery wing from Sam Houston is a hand full when she wants to be. On sheer talent alone, she is one of the most promising kids in the STATE. I have seen her face some of the best kids in the nation and get hers. She seems to rise against better competition as long as it fits her style of play. Her jump stop pull up jumper is a thing of beauty. An increased focus and stronger overall skill set work makes her a High Major kid. This is the reason that she has drawn interest from a couple of Top 25 programs.

8. Jackie Edwards 2010

Edwards can score with the best of them. She is crafty in her shot makes. She shoots the three with range, finishes well in traffic and has a sweet pull up jumper from mid range. The 5'6 scoring machine from Holy Cross will have to improve on her point guard skills and defensive intensity for the next level but as for now, she is legit. One of the few players in this city that can get her own shot without a set play or screen.

7. Stephanie Whittman 2010

Whittman has not been scene on an official court since the fall of 2008 due to a knee injury. At that time she was ranked in the Top 50 Nationally by Hoopgurlz and her name was as hot as anyone’s in the city. The super strong 5’10 guard from Alamo heights is the prototypical college scoring guard. Her strong handle and smooth game allows her to impose her will on defenders. She is by far, the best mid range scorer in the city. She can play both guards positions. TREMENDOUS UPSIDE!

6. Jessica Kuster 2010
SA Heat

My last year ranking of her received the most naysayers via email. It is OK. She only went out and led Reagan to one of its best seasons in history and earned herself a full ride to UT Arlington. And she still is full of untapped potential. The mega athlete can guard at least three positions. She is fast, strong and is an incredible leaper. She has improved offensively but is not even close to how good she will be. Her first step is one of the best in the city and she eats up the glass. A dedication to college program of intense skill set work will put this kid off of the charts.