Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Thoughts!

  • I was watching a tape of one of my favorite shows this morning when one of the shows characters said, " A police officer is as only as good as his informants". To which I immediately thought, " A coach is as only as good as his/her players".

  • While picking the brain of the mother of Marioh Jefferson at this weeks event, I asked her how often she works on her individual game. She looked at me like I was crazy and said " EVERYDAY" with a chuckle. She went on to explain that she works with a personal trainer 3-4 times a week and "gets dropped off" at the gym every other day. In Mrs. Jefferson's words, " I cant keep her out of the gym". No wonder!

  • I was speaking with a coach back home about why our top teams were having problems with top teams like DFW and Cy Fair Shock. I expressed that I thought that we were in the ball park in terms of talent. He explained the following." Those teams(Dallas/Houston) Class A players are pushed harder in high school games and club practices by their Class B and Class C players". He continued, " The best players from those cities are challenged by better second tier players than San Antonio has." He went on to suggest that the 10th best player in San Antonio is not nearly as good as the 10th best player in Dallas or Houston, so the best players have to play against inferior competition on a daily basis. This leaves our best players unconditioned for high competition in elite level match ups. I then thought about that. I saw Boo Williams point guard Chloe Wells grow up. I used to take my young daughter to her games to study her ways. I then thought that Chloe is not better than CeCe Harper, Meighan Simmons or LenNique Brown. She is a different player, but not better. I also remembered Chloe won AAU Nationals with her dads' BTR club that featured Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, Lauren Engeln, Kelsey Harris, and another 10 future D1 kids. Point taken!

  • Two SA players have been recently been offered by two of the best schools in the Big 12. Look out for the commits coming soon.

  • Local teams winning national events include: SA Heat(Vorphal), Lady Hoops(Holmes)

  • A great point by a reader, "The problem is not that we don't have top notch players, because we do. The problem is we do not have alot of them."