Thursday, August 6, 2009

Player Diary- Asha Hampton-Finch- ST Hoyas

Asha Hampton-Finch Exposure Period Journals


We've played in a lot of Dallas Tournaments, but this one was different,it's BIGGER!!! We got to play at SMU which I've never really heard of before today,but I found out that it's a D1 and in the same conference as Rice who I've already received a letter from!(yay me)

There were a lot of scouts, but I really wasn't paying much attention to who was who,which is probably bad,but then again, I didn't want to get too nervous. We played a total of 6 games and didn't do as well as we wouldn't liked (as a whole),but we still "showed well".

I felt like I played well in a couple of games,but in some I was a bit shaky (not sure if it's because it was my first exposure event). I remember seeing Coach Tai Dillard from UTSA,she's cool. She told Coach that she'd like to see me play more confident at the "3", so I can really show what I can do.

Overall, great 1st tournament, four more to go!


Last year the Hoyas were in the same tournament and they said it was a really good one! I started off playing bad, I wasn't rebounding,I guess I wasn't focused enough. Coach pulled me aside and told me that the UTA Coach has been to every one of our games just to watch me play, so after that point I really showed up!!!

Once again,there were many scouts,and did I pay attention to the names? NO! I just looked at the logo on their chest and kept on walking by! I do remember seeing Baylor and Southern Mississippi though (received a letter from them). As a team,we had some nice games,but not the whole tournament. Watching teams like Exodus is so interesting, the way they move the ball and talk to each other,seems as if they have played together for years (even though that's probably not the case).

I was able to test my skills as a guard in a couple of games, and I think once I get my confidence down, I'll be fine!

Second Tournament was good, but Dallas was better so far!


There were LOTS and LOTS of scouts at this tournament as well,it's amazing!!! (I think somewhere along the lines of 500 colleges) At one of our games,there were 20+ of them there,just sitting,observing,and writing. One can't help but think if you're the girl they are looking for.So you have to just play your HEART out no matter what, and hope eventually someone will find what they are looking for in YOU!

I think Tennessee was my best tournament! I showed that I was a lot more aggressive on offense and pretty dang strong on my defense and rebounding! Our team also came together a lot more! Another thing I enjoyed about Tennessee, was watching the #1 and #2 top AAU teams in the Nation go head-to-head. It was good to see the competition outside of San Antonio, so I know what I will be facing in College!The gym was packed with moms,dads,siblings,players,coaches, and more, all just to see these was a big event, and I'm glad I had a chance to be a part of it!

Third tournament, was great, best one so far!


We took second in this tournament(consolation bracket),which is a pretty good way to finish our road trip! I thought New Orleans was our best tournament yet! We played well and had a LOT of fun touring the city! Exploring the streets of the infamous city and seeing all the history was a great experience!

The teams in New Orleans were pretty tough too! Of course I don't remember any of the teams we played, but I know one team was from Alabama and another was from Florida! There was a good number of scouts once again! I loved the setup for this tournament because we only had to worry about one game a day,which gave us plenty of time to relax and focus, yet still go on some adventures into the city!

I can't wait for us to go back next summer!

P.S. Oh yea, the food was AMAZING!!!

Fourth tournament, definitely worth all the FUND-RAISING! (eek)


We should have beasted but we didn't.I guess every game we lost because of our lack of aggressiveness! No rebounds, no post ups, No win...

We went up against DFW, Austin Elite, etc., and didn't do too bad, we beat DFW, and we lost by 2 to Austin Elite,...that one hurt! I was excited to see UTSA and UTA again, they were there watching us play! I've talked to the coach on the phone before, so it was awesome to see him show up to our game!

Fifth tournament was great!

Overall my experience with my team and the whole "exposure period" was nothing I thought it would was SO MUCH MORE! I'll never forget it, and I can't wait to experience it again next year! Now that the scary part is out of the way (playing in front of college coaches), any other games from this point forward should be a piece of cake!,Yea right!

Hoyas Asha Finch with TeamXpress Krystal Forthan kicking it Georgetown.

Kyrstal is reportedly now living in Austin and will attend an Austin area school this fall. She will play for TeamXpress. The Number #4 ranked player in the class of 2011 has played with the Oregon Reign and more recently, NY Exodus. Forthan was said to be leaning towards an early commitment to Texas A&M. The young big has a delightful personality and is very outgoing. The Aggies will have a front line to die for with fellow recruits, Karla Gibert(6'4, ranked #18 in 2009), Rachel Mitchell(6'6, ranked #16) and Forthan(6'4).