Monday, August 10, 2009

Jessica Kuster now a Maverick?

Jessica Kuster has spent her entire high school career engaging in battle with the Mavericks. It was the Mavericks that stood in her way of a district title last year. It is the Mavericks whom she will have to conquer in an attempt to get her first district title this year. Even though those Madison Mavericks have been a thorn in her side, she decided to become a Maverick; a University of Arlington Maverick.

Jessica has been a familiar topic on this blog due to her tremendous athletic ability an considerable upside. Last year I wrote:

"She is another "UPSIDE" kid with tremendous speed and leaping ability. She is a monster on the boards and changes a lot of shots in the paint. With her ability to also defend guards, she is definitely one of the best defensive players in the city. With her athletic ability and body type, Kuster may be more suited as a face-up rebounding wing in the Swin Cash mode. She should have numerous college suitors as her offensive game becomes more refined."

A great summer indeed left Jessica with numerous schools(Oklahoma included) seeking her services. Her club team, SA Heat, embarked on a challenging schedule that included playing in the top division of the super competitive, Showtime Championships. This elevated competition allowed schools and national periodicals to see what we in SA have knowing for some time; Jessica can play!

The following is an excerpt of an email announcing Jessica's commitment. The email is from heat Founder and Head Coach, Koby Cantu:

" It has been my privilege to be Jessica's select basketball coach for the last 5 years. I distinctly remember when Jessica appeared at a tryout/workout. Her progression from a tall and lanky kid to her her current state is like night and day. Jessica's determination, hard work, dedication, athleticism, but most important Jessica's morals are a model for all young women who aspire to pursue their academic and athletic careers.

I am shedding tears at this moment (happy tears) , for the first Heat Player ever who has received a scholarship to a University! Please understand, when I started the Heat, I dreamed of this day. The day that our kids would receive recognition for their academic prowess as well as their basketball skills/abilities, and their "heart and hustle" motto given to our organization!"

With that very important decision out of the way, Jessica can now concentrate on trying to tame those other Mavericks.

Congrats to the Kuster family!