Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hoyas Coach Chimes in on Fit

South Texas Hoyas Coach, Theresa Nunn sent this:

I enjoyed your blog on fit! I couldn't agree with you more, and I feel it was much needed! I typically get kids that a lot of people "don't want" or they want after they've developed to their "standards".I'll give a few examples from within my program which have been great success stories,all because they were in the right "FIT":

* A 6'1- 2010 player from a talent-rich high school program who barely was able to see the floor (she had suffered an ACL tear at the beginning of the season) came to my program in the latter part of the season.Now we were the right "FIT" for her, because quite frankly,I don't believe she would have made the "top team" of any other club organizations in San Antonio. She rode the bench most of the year. She comes from a great family and is a very hard worker, what more could a coach ask for? Keep in mind that this young lady had never received any communication in any form from ANY college at any level, so it was a blessing when I received a call from a Division 1 HEAD coach stating that they had seen her play and "fell in love with her" and wanted to schedule an official visit as soon as possible! Now this "bench warmer" is in the position to possibly receive a full scholarship from a D1 school,and it was hopefully aided by the fact that she was in the right "FIT" for her situation, and able to get on the floor!

*A 6'2-2012 player didn't pick up a basketball until a year and a half ago, and was raw as all can be. She came to me with 2 left feet, and her mother stated that "no one wanted her",even the current players on my team were scratching their heads like "coach, what are you doing?" But this young lady had the dedication and HEART to put in many days of individual work with me as well as get in condition for this demanding summer schedule. Now despite having a LONG way to go,she has blossomed into a beautiful,confident player because she was able to see minutes on the HOYAS top team. She has attracted her first ever college coach in which she has received a hand-written letter from (we all know there's a big difference in a letter & a hand-written),and today, I received a call from a D1 coach "very interested" in her,and are extending an OFFER (full scholarship) to play at the Division 1 level! Right Fit?

*A 6'1-2011 player who comes from a program that has her predominantly playing the post is on my "top team" and doing extremely well at the small forward position. It has taken some time because of what she's been accustomed to , however her strides are limitless.She has received over a dozen letters in just one month,and I have already received numerous calls regarding her playing the "3" for their programs. She has been able to showcase that through the right fit within my program, not the wrong fit on the 2nd or 3rd team of a program.

I also have to add,there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding, than to get off the phone with a college coach and immediately call the parents of the student-athlete and relay the contact information and details of the call to the family.To hear their joy of yet another opportunity, makes it all worth it.Knowing I am able to assist them with their recruiting process,even if that means being the messenger,is the equivalent to a National Championship to me!

This summer, we have played in the following NCAA exposure events:

*Cy Fair Spring Classic (Houston in April)
*Big State Flava Jam (Dallas in July)
*Showtime National Championships (Atlanta in July)
*Battle in the Boro (Tennessee in July)
*Basketball on the Bayou (New Orleans in July)
*Cen-Tex Invitational (Georgetown in July)
*Fall Finale (will play in October)

...Now I'm sure we've played the same amount,if not, more events than other clubs in the area. So what seperates us from them? FIT! Wherever the player and their parents feel will benefit their child more is where they're going to end up. Either way, whichever FIT is chosen, I would hope we are ALL serving the same purpose, which is Helping Our Youth Attain Scholarships!!!