Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 25 players in the City: 11-15

These rankings are based on numerous factors including: past performance, continued development and potential. Potential is a loaded word with many implications but some players have more potential than others. This list has players that will undoubtedly sign with Top 25 Women's basketball programs to players that may not play college ball at all. It is safe to say that all of these players should earn athletic scholarships if academic and athletic progress continues. I expanded the list to 25 players due to the depth of quality players in the city.

15. Michelle Rodriguez 2010
Hands down one of the best shooters in the city. Arguably the best shooter from distance and consistency in the city. A switch of club teams did not prevent her from having a strong summer campaign. The sharp shooter from Wagner already has multiple offers from Division 1 schools on the table. As noted in her player diary, she is bright enough to understand that continued work on her handle and defense will give her additional opportunities and position her to have a great senior year.

14. Danielle Blagg 2011

The ultra athletic wing from Smithson Valley is "Special" waiting to happen. At 6'0 with a solid build, she penetrates extremely well. Blagg can stretch the defense by knocking down the open three and her mid-range game makes her one of my favorite players to watch. Blagg has the talent to play for a Top 50 school at the Division 1 level. Better ball handling skills and living basketball will position her for major things over the next couple of years.

13. Katheryn Galindo 2010
SA Comets

The Big "O" has grown up over the last year and will be the focal point of the Antonian offense this year. The 6'1 lefty is a space eater and is a tough guard for most post players. She possesses a good jump hook over her right shoulder and has a deceptively soft touch. Big strong kids that can get buckets on the block are hard to find and this fact should get her some good choices come school time. An improved face up game and adding counter moves to her jump hook would propel her even higher.

12. Julissa Garret 2010
Lady Mustangs

JuJu gets buckets! She is as tough as they come. The 5'3ish guard for Jay believes she is the best player on the floor at all times and this confidence relates to success. She is quick and persistent with her dribble drives and can knock down the open three. She is more of a shooting guard in a point guards body. As with most all supremely confident kids, her shot selection can get a little better. All in all, she should have a big year as I have witnessed her improve her left hand over the summer.

11.Arielle Roberson 2011

The kid nicknamed "Smiley" is anything but that on the court. The 6'1 lefty post player from Wagner is not the type to back down from anybody. Her long and slender body is complimented by arms that never stop. She blocks shots, boards with a passion and has counter moves on the block. Even though she plays in the post on her club team, she will undoutedbly face the basket at the next level since she already has the skill set to do so. A tighter handle and consistent 17 footer makes her a nightmare for opponents. Ranking her #11 is probably too low. I love watching this crafty shot maker play.