Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top 25 Players in the city: 21-25

These rankings are based on numerous factors including: past performance, continued development and potential. Potential is a loaded word with many implications but some players have more potential than others. This list(1-25) has players that will undoubtedly sign with Top 25 Women's basketball programs to players that may not play college ball at all. It is safe to say that all of these players should earn athletic scholarships if academic and athletic progress continues. I expanded the list to 25 players due to the depth of quality players in the city.

25. Marquisha Sparks 2010
SA Heat

The 5’6 guard for MacArthur is as strong a guard as there is in the city. She rebounds extremely well for her size and is good defender. Her strength allows her to live in the paint against smaller guards and bigger defenders. The converted post player will be a headache in district this year. She definitely can play beyond High school.
24. Olivia Patterson 2010

The 5’1 guard from Steele is one of the best on ball defenders and lead guards in the city. She has helped lead her High school team to consecutive state trips. Her play in the Regional Finals was key in the Knights return to Austin. She has an above average handle and penetrates well. She improved her runner last year and added it as a viable weapon. Continued improvement with her jump shot will help her play at the next level.
23. Niaga Mitchell- Cole 2012
Lady Rohawks

She has one of the brightest futures in the city. The 2012 guard is a very good defender and is very athletic. The freshman Newcomer of the Year for Roosevelt can play! She has a knack for making solid plays with the pass or dribble. She is a good passer and finishes in transition. Her biggest attributes are her length and tremendous competitiveness.
22. Victoria Willems 2010
SA Comets Elite

The 6’2 wing from MacAuthur best days are in front of her. She plays the post position in High School but is more suited to be a 3 at the next level. She has a good skill set and can hit the 17 footer with consistency. A little more aggression on the boards this year should make her a All District performer. She recently committed to William and Mary.
21. Shana Holmes 2011
ST Hoyas

The high scoring guard from Stacy is one of the more slept on kids in the city. Her unorthodox ways of getting buckets enables her to get hers against elite competition in the summer. She can hit the open three and is one of the best catch and shoot shooters in the city. She is track star fast with a small but strong frame. Better handles and decision making will improve her stock dramatically.