Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top 25 Players in the City: 16-20

These rankings are based on numerous factors including: past performance, continued development and potential. Potential is a loaded word with many implications but some players have more potential than others. This list(1-25) has players that will undoubtedly sign with Top 25 Women's basketball programs to players that may not play college ball at all. It is safe to say that all of these players should earn athletic scholarships if academic and athletic progress continues. I expanded the list to 25 players due to the depth of quality players in the city.

20.Asha Hampton-Finch 2011
ST Hoyas

Asha is an upside kid with great length and athletic ability. The Roosevelt forward is another kid whose frame is built for a 3 in college but is a high school post player. She improved dramatically this summer by adding a face up game and some ball handing skills. The rising Jr is definitely a Division 1 player and her suitors are plenty after a very solid summer campaign. Continued overall skill set work will make her a true force.

19. Arlene Cisneros 2010
SA Heat

Arlene can score. The crafty guard from O’Conner has some “Nasty” in her game and plays with a chip on her shoulder. While not a pure shooter, she can get hot and make it a long night for the opposition. She is one of the best scorers in the city due to her good handle and confident demeanor. A more selective shot selection and consistent range on her three ball will add much to her game.

18. Taylor Calvert 2011
Lady Rohawks

Taylor was already one of the better defensive players in the city last year but a big summer has made her a legitimate scoring threat. Calvert has spent her first two years playing an undersized post position for Incarnate Word and Steele but her much improved skill set demands attention. She became a true Division 1 prospect this summer with huge games in Chicago in front of dozens of schools. One special performance included 5 three pointers. Continued consistency with her jumper and a tighter handle will allow her to choose from numerous school next year.

17. Ciara McLee 2010

The track star combo guard for Judson is still full of untapped potential. Her potential is great due to her strong and explosive frame and terrific body control. She was one of the cities best scorers last season and should improve upon her numbers this year. Just a tad bit more vinegar in her game would allow her to be a lock down guard at the next level.

16. Alexis Govan 2011

Defender galore!!! The forward from Stevens is one of the “Nastiest “players in the city. She takes pride in her defense and hits the boards like she is entitled to every rebound. Her slender frame does not deter her from being extremely strong and agile. An improved handle and jumper would make her easily one of the most valuable players in the city.