Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 25 Player in the City: Complete List!

1.Meighan Simmons
2.CeCe Harper
2.LenNique Brown
4.Sune Agbuke
5.Erica Donavan
6.Jessica Kuster
7.Stephanie Whittman
8.Jackie Edwards
9.Kiante Ageous
10.Chyenne Berry
11.Arielle Roberson
12.Julissa Garret
13.Kathryn Galindo
14.Daniell Blagg
15.Michelle Rodriquez
16.Alexis Govan
17.Ciara Mclee
18.Taylor Calvert
19.Arlene Cisneros
20.Asha Hampton-Finch
21.Shana Holmes
22.Victoria Willems
23.Niaga Mitchell-Cole
24.Olivia Patterson
25.Marquisha Sparks

While I will concede that I probably missed a few, I put a lot of thought into the list. I have seen each kid play in both high school and club ball settings. In analyzing other ranking, I have observed this; there is no huge disparity among the very top players.

Take Boys 2007 High School: Kevin Love, OJ Mayo, Derrick Rose, Mike Beasley and Eric Gordon were all ranked among the Top 7. They all shined as freshmen and ended up as lottery picks. All five had solid rookie years.

The same comparison can be made among the middle and bottom of rankings lists. Is there that much difference between the 15th ranked player on a list and the 25th.

The Hoopgurlz Terrific 25 for the class of 2011 has Alexis Standish ranked #14 and Cassie Peoples #22. The club teammates for Nike Cy-Fiar Shock have different strengths and the better player is subjective to need and like, ultimately FIT! Is Standish that much better than Peoples, absolutely not! Is Standish better than Peoples period? Who knows! Some would say yes while others would emphatically say NO! What can be said with certainty is that neither is as good(upside included) as Kaleena Lewis(#2) and Elizabeth Williams(#1). I would say the same with my list. The Top 3 kids on my list have seperated themselves from the rest of the pack. After that, it gets very confusing.

What it promising about the list is that all 25 players should play beyond high school. San Antonio talent pool is growing along side population numbers. This list is intended to be a celebration of the talent, not a instrument of division!