Friday, August 21, 2009

A proud mama on Japan, Candace, and Adidas!

Mrs. Simmons was gracious enough to send me a peak into the adidas Nations trip to Japan. The team, which included SA's Meighan Simmons, was comprised of some of the best girls in the nation playing for adidas sponsored clubs. Among the big highlights was some Candace Parker time! The update follows:

As you know we are here in Japan with Adidas. It is has been quite the experience. There are few things you had written about Meighan that actually was stated by some other onlookers who we never met or had the opportunity to see her play. The team is called the Candace Parker ACES, and we were in Los Angeles first for that reason. The girls were taken to a Sparks game and met Candace Parker. WOW! A dream of Meighans to come true. The next night we held a exhibition game at Hope University. The special guest in attendance was Candace Parker herself. Meighan had and awesome game. As her mom you sometimes do not want to be over proud, but I must say, baby girl played at the next level. Candace Parker told Mr. Philips (Pops), "Who is that girl? She can play for the Sparks now". I just laughed when I was relayed the message. After the game we were approached by some people who came with her, and were told that she (Candace Parker) wanted to speak with Meighan and I personally. I laughed again! Unexpected, but grateful. When she signed autographs she clowned and shoved Meighan telling her, "You got it, keep doing your thing".

After she finished signing her associates said Candace is ready to speak with you. (quoted exactly)She smiled, laughed and as she shook my hand, said "We need her signed now, what a special kid, keep her covered, no lie she is amazing", I even had to get on the phone and make a phone call, to tell about her. WOW! she ended her sentence. She then hugs Meighan shares a few pointers and blesses her with "you are going to go far, enjoy the ride."

We arrive in Japan, and they play against the a University team who happen to the Champions in Japan. We lost, but not without a fight. The score was 110-101. Yes these girls were doing their thing. Afterwards they were shocked to find out they were only high school players. A photographer, comes to me and ask is Meighan my daughter? He further then states, she is very good, unusual girl play like she does, her moves are like a boy on the court, shes great. We look for her to be great. I am humbled by the love being shown. For me to come to Japan and have her game be validated by strangers, and Candace Parker, I am the more grateful.